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Mr. Schirra M. Kaunang

Date : 30 Oct 2017

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Mr. Schirra M. Kaunang
Olefin Mechanical Maintenance Section Manager
PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk

“The reason we have chosen to use emisspro® with our cracking furnaces is because the emisspro® team can explain the mechanism of the coating and provide clear technical details. emisspro® has helped us save our cost and expenses.

In addition, it has helped us reduce 1-2 percent of fuel consumption and achieve our goal of fuel reduction, which amounts to a massive fuel cost that we can save. As for maintenance, emisspro® also prolongs the lifespan of our furnaces and reduce maintenance burdens, so we can be less stressed and think about other matters.”

All Around Plastics Magazine issue 1/2017, March 2017