EcoClear™ AF series is the water-based coating anti-fog agent with highly efficient prevent both Cold fog & Hot fog for versatile thermoforming food packaging (PET & Clear PP).  It can be easily diluted with water into various concentrations to meet end-user requirements.

Coating solution will provide better anti-fog efficiency over masterbatch due to slow migration to the surface of anti-fog in masterbatch form

Applications: Thermoforming food packaging (PP & PET)


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Benefits of EcoClear™ AF series

  • Maintain optical property of sheet (clarity of coated sheet)
  • Improve visibility of hot / chilled food packaging
  • Can be used for both PP & PET sheet
  • Non corrosive to process equipment
  • More effective than masterbatch anti-fog
  • Improve food sanitation while extending products shelf-life
  • More susceptibility to adhesion
  • Better cost to performance