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Company Information

Texplore Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is an solution provider with products and services for efficiency improvement, assets protection and product improvement.

Located in Bangkok Thailand, the company offers full-package products & services including coating service, refractory consulting & maintenance to maximize customer’s operational efficiency and advanced additive products

Recognized as one of the leaders in industrial products & services, Texplore applies its own patented formulation which has proven to exceed customers’ expectations. Our products & services fulfill the demand of many industries and comply with health & environment requirements sustainably.

The company is also committed to developing and exploring new products and services to better support the changing demand of industries with specialized solutions.

- Business with commitment and customer focus
- Innovative products and services quality
- Highly qualified team

Safety is Our Top Priority

Texplore conducts the business with firm commitment to social responsibility, constantly bearing in mind impacts on all stakeholders and holding work
safety at the forefront. Our objectives are zero accidents, zero injuries and minimal environmental impacts. We always comply with health and
safety laws and regulations wherever we operate both domestically and internationally.

Our strong safety systems and procedures have a backbone on our safety culture which has been structured based on
‘Process Safety Management (PSM)’. PSM covers the identification of risks in the process, the prevention management to mitigate risks beforehand,
safe operation, change management and emergency control. This is to ensure our focus on safety and strive for the prevention of incidents
not only for our employees and customers but also related parties and neighbor communities. 

Our Valued Partners

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