Tube Coating

Tube Coating Service

Radiant tubes or coils are the most important component of furnaces and fired heaters as the tube condition has a direct effect on heat transfer, production yield, and plant reliability. However, these tubes are consistently exposed to high temperatures and are prone to material damage.

emisspro® T-Series coating technology was developed to address this concern by improving the radiation absorptivity of the tubes, which consequently aids heat transfer. The coating also offers high corrosion and erosion resistance with anti-slagging properties, which help reduce production losses and emergency breakdown while increasing the lifetime and reliability of the plant.

emisspro® T-Series is suitable for various tubes properties and our service focuses on providing each customer with full-service packaged solutions, aiming to help customers achieve their maximized benefits.


  • Reduce maintenance cost from tube replacement
  • Reduce opportunity lost from shutdown period
  • Maximize efficiency
    • Increase production
    • Save energy
  • Save money and time from cleaning scales of the boiler tubes
  • Eco-friendly and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Reduce GHG emission


Oxidation and scale formation on the outer surfaces of radiant tubes reduces conductive heat transfer efficiency, resulting in low production rates and excessive fuel.

Texplore provides solutions that increase the thermal efficiency of furnaces and fired heaters. Our emisspro® T-Series helps to reduce energy consumption, minimize the future effects of oxide growth, keep the process tube surface cleaner, increase productivity, and extend the tube service time. Furthermore, by applying the coating, refineries can also reduce NOx and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making the operation more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Applications: CCR, reformers, cracking furnaces, CDUs, VDUs, and Hydrotreaters

Power Plant

High-temperature corrosion, erosion, and slagging are common problems in thermal power plants. Texplore provides the full-service solutions of emisspro® T-Series coating to protect boiler tubes from those problems. The coating also improves thermal efficiency and reduces emergency breakdown due to boiler tube leakage from corrosion and erosion problems.

Applications: boiler wall tubes, economizer tubes, superheater tubes, air preheater tubes