Refractory Coating

Refractory Coating Service

emisspro® R-Series is a high emissivity ceramic coating for refractories. It is being used successfully in furnaces and fired heaters to reduce energy consumption, improve temperature uniformity, reduce maintenance cost, and increase production while improving product quality. It can achieve this feat because emisspro® R-Series help increase the emissivity and ability to absorb and re-emit thermal radiation of refractory inner walls of furnaces or fired heaters.

Given the importance and contribution of furnaces and fired heaters in industrial processes, even a small increase in thermal radiation can result in a notable improvement in the production yields and energy efficiency. Therefore, Texplore is eager to provide coating service with emisspro® R-Series on the inner refractory lining which proved to be the most critical material in thermal processing operations.


  • Improve thermal efficiency of furnaces or fired heaters
  • Increase productivity and yield
  • Reduce fuel gas consumption and emission of greenhouse gas
  • Prolong service life of furnace refractory lining materials, reduce thermal spalling and peeling of ceramic fiber
  • Fast return on investment