emisspro® is a family of advanced ceramic coating materials that were developed to maximize process efficiency in fired heaters and improve radiation heat transfer. The coating can increase production yields or decrease fuel consumption, which leads to reduces NOx and COemissions. emisspro® protects furnace tubes from oxidation, corrosion, and erosion, which are the causes of reduced service life.

emisspro® R-Series

A high emissivity coating that can be applied to all refractory substrates: insulating fired brick, ceramic fiber modules, light-weight refractories, and dense refractories. Suitable for furnace temperature up to 1600°C.

Applications: CCR, reformers, cracking furnaces, CDUs, VDUs, and Hydrotreaters

emisspro® T-Series

A high emissivity coating for furnace tubes that is applicable for various metal substrates: carbon steel, stainless steel, and high alloy. Suitable for furnace temperature up to 1600°C.

Applications: fired process tubes, boiler wall tubes, economizer tubes, superheater tubes, air preheater

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Benefits of emisspro®

  • Improve furnace thermal efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Increase service life of refractories and process tubes
  • Improve uniformity radiation of heat transfer
  • Reduce slagging
  • Reduce NOx and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce emergency breakdown