CiBot™ is a coil inspection robot that examines every centimeter of coils in ethylene cracking furnaces and reforming units for carburization, bowing, and bulging, while it saves time and resources to set up scaffolding and inspect manually. The enormous amount of data gathered enables the plant operation and maintenance team to assess the health of the furnace and plan for the next re-coiling.

Why CiBot™?

  • Comprehensive Data: CiBot™ provides a great number of data so that the plant operation and maintenance people can effectively assess coil condition and remaining life
  • Data Accuracy: CiBot™ precisely identifies weak spots before failure and without human error
  • Increased Safety: no scaffold works and work-at-height
  • Shortened Time: CiBot™ offers quick reliable and precise inspection



Main Features

  • Multiple robot operation
  • Tubes with outside diameter from 2–6 inches, 25%Cr-35%Ni, 35%Cr-45%Ni, and high alloy metallurgy
  • Detailed inspection with self-adjusted 4-point sensor ring
  • Average inspection time of 5 minutes per coil
  • Minimum coil spacing of only 60 mm