Carburization Inspection Robots

Carburization Inspection Robots (CiBOT) collects 14 times more carburization data with 7 times shorter time than human. It saves your scaffolding cost and time while gathering a great number of data for engineers to analyze and to evaluate coil health to maximize furnace reliability.

Why CiBot?

  • Data Accuracy: Cibots Identify weak spots precisely before failure and no human error
  • Increasing Safety: No scaffold works and work at height CiBots will take care
  • Shorten time: CiBots Offer quick reliable and precise inspection

Main Features

  •  Support multiple robots operation
  •  2–5 inches outside diameter tubes 25Cr-35Ni and 35Cr-45Ni materials
  •  Up to 1 mm. inspection resolution. Self-adjusted 4-point sensor ring
  •  Average 5 minutes per coil
  •  Minimum coil spacing only 17 mm.
  •  3D Visual Report

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